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Posted on 8th January 2015 by Web Master

The Libertarian Party of Connecticut (LPCT) has second party status in Connecticut.

Click here for a .pdf of our Bylaws



Chairman: Joshua Katz

Treasurer: Jo-Ann Roeter

Secretary: Carol McMahon

Vice Chair: Paul Passarelli

Member(s) at Large: 
Andrew Rule
Courtenay Hough


The Connecticut Libertarian Newsletter Production:
  Marc Guttman & William A. Hamilton


Other Directors, Committee Chairs, and Volunteers:



Judiciary Committee:

ACLU Committee:

Platform Committee:

Website Committee:

Libertarian Party of Connecticut Affiliates:

The Libertarian Party of  Windham, New London and Middlesex County –
The Libertarian Party of  Fairfield and Litchfield County County –
The Libertarian Party of  New Haven County –
The Libertarian Party of  Hartford County –
The Libertarian Party of  Tolland County – t.b.d.


LP Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4069
Yalesville, Connecticut 06492




A message from the Postmaster:

Libertarians are extraordinarily tolerant of other’s viewpoints and rights, and expect people to accept the responsibilities that come with tolerance.  Our volunteers work hard and their time is valuable, and because of that the postmaster of the site will be responsive to our volunteer’s suggestions & complaints.

NOTICE to SPAMMERS: You may get your UCE message through a few times, but it won’t really matter.  Do not expect an easy time getting off the ban list.  Do expect your mail to become mired in tarpits, do not count on anything beyond that.  Please don’t be the spammer that gets your domain’s emails banned.

Don’t think of this as a restriction speech.  We value free speech, commercial speech, religious speech, even politically incorrect speech.  But we also believe in the right to ignore speech that wastes our valuable time.

— In Liberty


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