LPCT 2013 Convention October 19

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Posted on 10th October 2013 by carol in LP News

The Libertarian Party of Connecticut will hold it’s annual Convention Saturday October 19th. Location Cabela’s 475 E Hartford Blvd. East Hartford.

Business Session starts at 11 AM. Speakers start at 1.

There is no charge but donations to offset the cost will be accepted.

Libertarian Party opposes U.S. intervention in Syria


Posted on 9th September 2013 by admin in LP News

Offical article on the LP.org site.

Richard Lion Qualifies for Ballot for Manchester Board of Directors


Posted on 11th July 2013 by Dan in LP News

Former LPCT chair and candidate for State Representative, Richard Lion, submitted 188 signatures to qualify for the Manchester Board of Directors on Monday, July 11, 2013.

Team Russell Set to Win Norwich, Majority of City Council Seats


Posted on 11th July 2013 by Dan in LP News

Team Russell has thrown its hat in the ring to save the people of Norwich from its own City Manager, Mayor and Council. Having seen his property taxes double in the last five years, enough was enough – Bill was running for mayor.

He will be joined on the ticket with Libertarian candidates for City Council Cyndia Shook, Michael Holman, Ashley Pryski, Kyle Degray, and Chandler Alfred. This is the first time the Libertarian Party of Norwich will be actively running and fully ballot qualified for a majority of city council seats in Connecticut.

According to Russell, the goal is to “turn Norwich right side up”.  Norwich was selected by the Libertarian Party due to a large volume of complaints from citizens and an unusual set of circumstances that would make it an excellent test case to show what Libertarians will do in office. For example:

- Tax foreclosures and taxes continue to reach record levels

-The city purchased an ambulance to promote tourism

-Norwich, a small city of approximately 60,000 people, spent $350,000 on an armored police vehicle

-Norwich currently operates a golf course and an ice rink it cannot afford.

-Norwich’s City Charter effectively renders the City Manager in charge – the City Council and Mayor effectively have no responsibility or accountability absent a charter revision, one that Team Russell will implement from day one.

You can learn more at http://teamrussell4norwich.com/


Posted on 29th April 2013 by Dan in LP News

It’s official. Bill Russell collected enough signatures to be placed on the ballot for Mayor of Norwich.

We have scheduled a meeting to form the Libertarian Norwich Town Committee. Anyone who wants to be involved in starting the committee or meet up with us in general to see about getting involved can attend. We’ll be meeting at Old Tymes in Norwich at 3PM, May 16th. Anyone looking to run for City Council should also be in attendance.

Happy New Year!


Posted on 1st January 2013 by autopost in LP News

Here is to a year ahead filled with happiness, good health, liberty and freedom. Best wishes!

Hurricane Relief: Ice for Connecticut


Posted on 28th October 2012 by Dan in LP News

First, read the article here to get the gist (from Hurricane Irene):


Second, be advised that the LPCT is on standby mode for this, and its members (as well as those who freely and independely participate in this without affiliation) are advised to be ready in the event that the anticipated hurricane causes a mass outage.

The operation will work exactly as it did the last time around, which was a resounding success. The first default dropoff and pickup point will be the same – Noon, at the park near Plainfield Town Hall on the first day after the anticipated hurricane passes.

We are on standby mode.

At this time, we need volunteers to facilitate drop and pickup points for Western, Central and Southeastern CT. Those who wish to assume this task should identify themselves and their respective drop and pickup points immediately. Such volunteers and their respectively designated drop/pickup points will be identified 24 hours prior to the antipated storm’s landfall, before any power is lost.

Standby mode means that you should start thinking about freezing ice and storing it in the event that power goes out so as to:
1) Participate in helping others who don’t have power
2) Having enough ice to keep your perishable foods refrigerated in the event power is not restored to you immediately

Execution mode requires as much freezer and cooler space in addition to as many containers of water as you can spare. I am notifying you all in advance that execution mode occurs at least 24 hours before the hurricane will in fact hit New England with strong winds and rain. It will take at least this long based, on our previous experience, to freeze enough containers of water to make a difference for 3-4 families that don’t have power or one that won’t have power for at least a week.

This time, we are encouraging people to store water in spare containers in addition to freezing ice for use, and those spare water containers will work on the same principle as ice handout. Also, this time, we have advanced notice in addition to a tried and proven system to make this work.

Be further notified that this is not a government sponsored program or effort. It is a good samaritan program and effort based on volunteers. If you’ve got what it needs, drop it off. If you need what it has, come pick up only what you need. It helped dozens of families on last time, and this time it has so much more potential with your advanced participation and preparedness.

We need volunteers in advance to locate more public locations throughout Connecticut to implement this program and facilitate the distribution of ice and water. If you can help, please post a comment letting us know who you are, where people can come to recieve and drop off ice, and what time(s) you plan to be there.